Portrait of a Photographer ~ Jeremy Hall


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Artist Bio:

Born in 1954, Jeremy was raised on South African cattle and sugarcane farms. His family on both sides were of South African farmer-settler stock from England in the early to mid-1800s. After boarding schooling he was obligated to undertake his South African military conscription in early 1973.

With an artistic bent most of his youth he studied Graphic Design at a Durban college following his South African military service. However, the adventurous life beckoned after his stint at Art College – and he was soon fully enmeshed in the Communist-backed guerrilla conflict in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) for a full three years during the mid-1970s in an airborne Fireforce commando unit, the Rhodesian Light Infantry, at the height of that war.

Back in South Africa, following his baptism of war, he worked successfully as a salesman in the insurance brokerage industry in Durban before immigrating with his wife to Canada in 1987. He continues a long and satisfying career as an independent salesman working from home in Canada for a North American construction-material manufacturer (since 1992).

View more of his work here - http://jeremyhallphoto.com/.

Posted on June 5, 2014 .