'Gracing the Runways': Laborde Jewellery

Kristen Laborde’s jewellery reflects the modern woman’s desire for individuality. Drawing inspiration from diverse ethnic backgrounds to shape her style, she uses materials from all corners of the globe.

The Canadian-born designer creates fresh eclectic handmade jewellery with unique character. Materials such as semi-precious stones, mixed metals, industrial findings, leather and stunning beads come together to shape dynamic and uniquely elegant arrangements. Her designs have appeared in the pages of publications such as Flare, Strut, Canadian Living, Zoomer, Toronto Star, National Post.

It's also graced the runways of Toronto Fashion Week, and the studio sets of The Marilyn Denis Show and Breakfast Television. Notable personalities wearing Laborde Designs include: Divine Brown, Stacey McKenzie, Michie Mee, Measha Brueggergosmanand, and Suzanne Boyd. Laborde creates distinct pieces that are easy to wear. It's jewellery that's as unique as the individual who wears it.

Posted on June 5, 2014 .