Stone Sculpture from Zimbabwe

Artist Statement:

"My own artistic practice as a sculptor began when I was a youth in Zimbabwe. The country’s economy was in decline; sculpting offered an opportunity to create income while expressing the difficulties of our postcolonial atmosphere. Working in Canada, my artistic practice has helped me connect my experience with Canadians.

Sculpting is very much directed by the stone’s natural formation; I work in cooperation with the stone to create forms that highlight its original beauty. The sculpting process is labour-intensive, and takes patience and focus; working with only hand-tools is an experience counter to the majority of activities that young Canadians of all backgrounds are used to participating in.

Through the five-day workshop, students forge relationships and gain knowledge of themselves. Zimbabwean stone sculpture is a good news story. Its subject matter reflects the lives of people struggling and celebrating life."

Posted on June 4, 2014 .