Portrait of an Artisan ~ Ben Barack

Born somewhere in New York State, Ben Barak remembers little of it. However – he spent three and a half fond childhood years running amok on an Israeli kibbutz, and subsequently seventeen years in Canada.

He was was selected in 2013 for the McMichael Canadian Collection’s inaugural Mentorship Project, which culminated in a 3 month exhibition at the gallery. Barak received his BFA from Nipissing University in 2012.

Series: "Trapped in a House With a Beast" Within my oil paintings, malignant forces lurk outside of the picture planes yet are rarely revealed in the actual works. They form a perpetual threat to the figures within them, yet the bizarre and surreal actions of these protagonists often make it easy to discount their danger as being rooted in paranoia and mental disturbance.

Posted on June 4, 2014 .