Earth Works Pottery

Barbara's pottery is based on how ancient cultures used unglazed pottery to preserve food's freshness, keep liquids cool, bake evenly and remove the tannins from wine. She has designed a variety of bakeware and serving vessels to be artfully functional for everyday use.

Barbara's Story:

Born, raised and educated in Toronto, the first time I touched clay in Art School I knew that was the medium for me!

I attended Sheridan College to further my clay experience after moving to Burlington Ontario.  I began teaching at the Burlington Art Centre(BAC) and then took on the Studio Technicians position for ten years. As I developed my line of work and it became more time consuming I rented a space to have as my private studio and gave my notice at the BAC that I was leaving the technicians job to go full time in my own studio.

The day we hired my replacement at the BAC my husband suffered a massive heart attack and died. There I was with no job,our young son to raise alone and no insurance money. I moved my studio into my home that way I could work around the clock,which is what it took in the beginning plus I was home for my son.

Posted on June 4, 2014 .