Portrait of a Photographer ~ HGB Design Photography

HGB DESIGN is a company that produces photographic art for your home, office, and cottage, printed on FineArt paper or canvas. A selection of unique greeting cards, which are blank on the inside, are also available. Only FineArt paper and archival inks are used in the production of all products.

All photographs used are the original work of Hans G. Backer. Prints range in size form 5x7 inches to 24x36 inches, canvas prints range in size from 11x17 inches to 21x30 inches. Greeting cards come in 3 sizes: small, square, and large. Hans Backer has worked in the photo industry for 35 years. Photography has been a passion of Hans’ since the day he purchased his first camera in 1966.

Over the years, Hans has been a guest speaker at several camera clubs across Ontario sharing both his knowledge of products and passion for photography. Hans is inspired by nature’s endless beauty, most especially, flowers and landscapes. He has an eye for seeing everyday things in a unique perspective, eliciting a sense of peace and harmony in the world around him.

Hans photographs a wide range of subjects that capture his interest. His travels have taken him throughout Canada, the U.S., and most recently, Paris and The Netherlands. Hans uses his camera to record a moment in time that will last forever. It has been said of Hans that he is a true artist that paints with his camera.


Posted on June 2, 2014 .