Portrait of an Artist: Maxwell Hyett

Biography of Maxwell:

Born and educated in Kingston, Maxwell began his art career early on in life, treating his Grade 4 renditions of Dragon Ball Z characters with the utmost seriousness. 
Years later, after many drawing lessons from Debbie Ottman and a sobering maturation he attended the infamous Creative Arts program at QECVI, under Karen Pepercorn's instruction. With her help and wise words of encouragement Maxwell left the comfortable nook of Canada's original capital for OCAD University in Toronto. 
In his most recent year (2013/14) Maxwell participated in OCAD U's Florence Residency program, studying and painting in the heart of the Italian Renaissance. Maxwell now enjoys the fresh veil of worldliness and the anticipation of a singular remaining year of education. 
Maxwell's work explores the interconnected themes of psychology, myth, and perception. With a new found understanding of art as research and as a means to learn and educated he delves into the mind, memory, symbolism to expose the weird misinterpretations and manipulations our brains engage in.
Posted on June 18, 2014 .