Participaint at Artfest

Artfest welcomes back Ottawa’s celebrated mural artist Arthur II to Kingston. Last year over 1000 visitors painted side by side with Arthur and a created magnificent 80 ft. mural depicting Canadian history imagery.

Join us to start afresh with a new theme: City-in-the-Park and the Kingston waterfront. We are spicing it up by adding 3-D elements of cut-out shapes of buildings, monuments and famous people that will be placed in front of the mural adding depth and creating a soectacular landscape vista.

Then on Canada Day the mural will transform into the theatre set for the Grand Finale performance of the Hands-on Artfest Theatre led by Shadowland and the Sir John A. 2015 Salon Actors, giant puppets and costumed entourage. (see story details on page 19). 

This year kids have their very own mural to create. A little bit shorter and a little bit smaller: 4 ft. high and 32 ft long. No experience is necessary! This is your chance to grab a paintbrush and apply your marks with an unlimited selection of gorgeous colours provided by Kingston’s Tri-Art manufacturer of artists paint! Prepare to be amazed as gradually over the weekend Arthur’s imagery starts to emerge, utilizing all the beautiful painted layers of rich texture becoming part of it. All-ages welcome. Drop in anytime and Participaint®!

Born and raised in Ottawa, Arthur II has a wealth of art experience from a diverse artistic career of painting, drawing and creating. His true gift is collaboration and leadership. Hence his Participant® has really taken off with festivals in Ottawa, Winnepeg, Kingston, Peterborough, Memphis and Toronto. You cannot help grabbing a paint brush and joining in when you come across the action. Everybody is an artist!

Posted on June 18, 2014 .