90's Alternative Music at Artfest

The Method formed in early 2004 and disbanded 2 years later due to the re-location of singer and founding member, Dave Hewitt. Time and travel reunited...and the crew is back together. He is re-united with original guitarist, Adam Simkins. The five members of the band all come from various backgrounds, and each bring their own input and sound to the band. With the addition of the new members, the band really comes together.

The sound of The Method will bring you back to the hay day of 90's alternative while still remaining relevant to today. Bringing out the classics, and classics of alternative and grunge...they'll rock the house, and melt faces...as witnessed when they opened for See Spot Run and The Standstills in 2013. Catch a show soon, and rekindle your younger years!

Posted on June 18, 2014 .