Encaustic & Mixed Media Artist

Jannet Haitas is  an encaustic and mixed media artist.

Jannet's Words:

I began using encaustics in 2008 after coming across my first encaustic piece. A lifelong love affair started as soon as I began the creative process of getting to know and understand the wax. I use painting as a tool for letting go of expectations, creating space to play, connecting to self, and honouring my intuition.

What is Encaustic?

Encaustic involves melting beeswax with damar resin (crystalized tree sap) to create the medium then adding pigment to create the paint. The paint is then brushed on when it is hot and each layer is fused (or re-melted) to adhere the layers together. Often times other elements such as photos, words, or metal are incorporated into the works.

Posted on June 17, 2014 .