Bev Jenkins Sculpted Oils

Focusing on nature and its strengths of light, vivid colour and texture, Bev's work evokes the tranquil qualities of nature.

Light plays on her thickly applied oils, which are sculpted in a neo-impressionist style, bringing the scenes to life on her canvasses. On close inspection, viewers are engaged in the purity of colour, and the succulent tactility evoked by the strokes of her palette knife.

At a distance, the scene is revealed, and as the viewer moves, the paintings continually transform themselves as new colours are exposed at different angles. Under natural light, the paintings magically evolve throughout the day, as the shifting light plays with underlying tones, and the depth of the sculpted relief.

Visit Bev's website to view her gallery of sculpted oils on cavas.

Posted on June 17, 2014 .