2014 ~ The Year of the Horse

Melodie's Story:

Horses were what spurred my drawing abilities into reality. I loved them so much as a child and drawing was the best way for me to capture how I felt.

As time went I began to grow more interest in art and my abilities developed. I received a Bachelor in illustration from Sheridan College, which proved me with more tools and experience to add to my artists toolbox.

I've taken on a personal project this entire year to draw a horse a day in celebration of the Year of the Horse, to push my artistic skills and creative ability www.horsesfortheyear.com This has been a great experience so far and something I've been very excited to show with my following. I've been able to illustrated a couple books and have my work featured in the local newspaper. I love being an artist and sharing what I love most with the world.

Posted on June 17, 2014 .