Serving Traditional Quesidillas at Kingston

What makes their quesadillas stand out?

The traditional quesadilla is a very flat pancake-like folded tortilla made from ground corn; not wheat flour. With just two ingredients, skim milk cheese and fresh cilantro, our veggie quesadilla is somewhat similar to the original - with a little more substance and filling. At "Marcos & Carlos Quesadilla Bar" in Kingston at the City Park location this Canada Day week-end, we will be serving this traditional quesadilla with both corn and wheat tortillas as well. The inclusion of the corn tortilla will suit our celiac guests.

Nonetheless, Marcos & Carlos have taken the quesadilla to new heights! While respecting the original mainstay, we add roasted fresh chicken to our chicken quesadillas. We rub, sear and grill the sirloin for our beef quesadillas. We add a little chopped scallion/green onion and a blend of mozzerella and monteray jack cheeses to our quesadillas as well. We also make shrimp & crab quesadillas, pulled pork quesadillas and some other vegetarian options like roasted root vegetable quesadillas and grilled vegetable quesadillas. For sake of expediency at the ArtFest on Canada Day week-end, we will be offering 3 styles of quesadillas with a beautiful and natural Mexican bean salad with a slice of watermelon garnish.

Posted on June 11, 2014 .