Potrait of an Artisan~The Kingston Soap Company

Specializing in olive oil (castile) soaps in many different scents, The Kingston Soap Company also offers a collection of eye catching, glycerin soaps and the ever so popular cupcake soaps, along with a wide variety of products for your personal body care program.  Drop by the booth for a scented aroma and colourful experience! 

How The Kingston Soap Company makes their Soap (recipe from Robert):

One common question we often receive is how we make our soap. We take good quality olive oil (grade A) and combine it with a lye water solution. All measurements are very carefully weighed to a tenth of a ounce. After mixing by hand this turns into a pudding like consistency which we then add essential or fragrance oils to as well as colour and sometimes herbs and spices.

We then pour this into our custom handmade molds (maybe adding swirls of colour or other special effects) and then let science take its course. Over the next 24 hours the soap goes through saponification where the oil, water and lye change into two products - Soap and Glycerin. A lot of commercial soap makers take the glycerin out of their soap which can lead to a soap that makes the skin dry. Handcrafted soap makers leave the glycerin in their soap to make a bar that is very good for the skin. During the saponification process the soap mixture can heat up to very high temperatures.

Once the soap has gone through the saponification process, we take the soap out of the molds and hand cut it into bars that weigh roughly 4oz/115g. The soap must now sit and cure for at least 4 weeks, but we like to give it a couple of extra weeks to ensure a good quality, hard, long lasting bar has been created for you. After curing the soap is wrapped and then brought to market to be sold. Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) must be used in soap making. It is the alkaline base that is required to turn oils into soap. It neutralizes completely out of the soap during curing and is not present in the final bar of soap. The final bar of soap is actually a type of salt.

Posted on June 11, 2014 .