Portrait of an Artisan ~ Zoodonyms Name Puzzles

Zoodonyms Names Puzzles prides itself as an all Canadian company while creating imaginative gifs for children from beautiful name puzzles to delightful creative clocks and full alphabet and number puzzles. 

Creator and puzzle designer, Mary Ann Parkinson, uses a computer based drawing program with a machine to cut the puzzles out.  All painting is done by hand including the detail and faces.  

Zoodonyms prides itself in creating imaginative gifts for children. Zoodonyms crafts beautiful name puzzles, trains, full alphabet puzzles and numbers puzzles in Muskoka, Ontario.  You'll find them at our Artfest Kingston show from July 1st - 4th!!

Their carefully crafted gifts are sure to bring a smile to the face of any youngster. Your gift will go from a well-loved toy to a treasured keepsake.

Zoodonyms stocks approximately 1200 names when they attend shows.

Customers are usually surprised that we have many less common and unusual names. Any name or spelling may be ordered if it is not in stock. I have sold and shipped puzzles around the world. Puzzles are made from 1/4 inch MDF fiber board, in North America and are non toxic.
— Zoodonyms

Each puzzle is unique. Letters and animals must be designed in order to fit together. Puzzles are machine cut. Painting is done by hand. Faces and details are drawn by hand. Our new process was developed by Mary Ann and husband Mark, updating the technology which was used by the original Zoodonyms for 30 years. All materials are now made in Canada. Zoodonyms keeps Mary Ann going full time.

Now in their 36th year of business, Zoodonyms continues to provide quality toys for children of all ages and to also bring a smile to the face of any youngster. Get something special for that little one or even a big person with a little soul at Artfest Kingston this Canada Day long weekend! 


Posted on June 19, 2015 .