Portrait of a Digital Artist ~ Well Bred Fractals

Steve Lawrence has created a wide variety of vibrantly coloured and incredibly detailed digital fractals, which have been transformed into giclee prints and cards of various sizes. They represent a true fusion of art and science.

Steve's Words:

"I've used a combination bottom-up/top-down strategy to create my fractals: the computer's bottom-up number-crunching is combined with a top-down rule-based decision-making process provided by me in a directed evolutionary process.

Using this objectively subjective decision strategy, a menu of mathematical manipulations provided by the fractal program, a good sense of colour and design and the use of classical framing techniques, I have been able me to create a great variety of beautiful and interesting fractals."

Steve is exhibiting his visually stunning digital work from July 1st to 4th at Artfest Kingston!  

Posted on June 23, 2015 .