Chef Mark Pollard at Artfest

Mark Pollard says, “the best part about being a Chef is that through trial and some error, you get to create. Just like the artisan or the artist, the culmination of flavours through recipe, creates taste! Variations of ingredients, just like the variations of colour on a canvas, create taste sensations and visual masterpieces! Cooking is the transformation of ingredients, by hand, to create colour, texture, and ultimately flavour. Cooking is a creative process, indeed. What is even better than the creation of recipes and ingredients is the fact that at the end of the cooking process, the Chef can share his work with his friends, family and even billable clients - at his table. Food, like art is meant to be shared, displayed and enjoyed.”

About his inspiration Mark says “my travel through Mexico introduced me initially to the roadside taco stand. My parents lived in Mexico for 35 years. They took our family off the beaten path to experience the true culture (without Gringos), to experience architecture, art and the culinary treasures of this ancient land. I compare my own “Pop-Up” Quesadilla bar to the traditional roadside Mexican cantina. Our Team at “Marcos & Carlos Quesadilla Bar” can’t wait to launch our quesadillas at the Kingston ArtFest on Canada Day week-end - 4 full days of quesadillas made the way they should be made!!”

Posted on June 11, 2014 .