12 Things About Nancea


  1. -she loves morning campfires, especially if they involve a good novel or a round of scrabble

  2. -she is fascinated with her garden and could spend each and every day watching things grow and evolve

  3. -she loves nests and would never tire of the design and resourcefulness of birds to create a home for their brood

  4. -she loves singing! although very few have heard her sing...

  5. -she is a huge fan of toast

  6. -she loves watering her garden

  7. -she loves to walk and a good long walk every day with her dog, keeps them both happy

  8. -she loves being self-employed

  9. -she loves lemons, very dark chocolate and kale

  10. -she collects rocks and pebbles from her travels

  11. -she loves listening to nina simone+bon iver and pretty much everything in between

  12. -simply put, she loves life...

Posted on June 11, 2014 .