Portrait of an Artisan ~ Bronze Goddess

Words from the Artist:

"My brain has always been inquisitive: how does that work, how do you do that? It was way more fun to learn how to do something than to buy it. I made clothes for my Barbie doll and then for myself, learned to knit and crochet, refinish my old pine floors, and tile a bathroom.

One day, I fell in love with a necklace in a magazine and off I went on a new journey that I have travelled for 10 years. All the different techniques and styles I have learned I now apply to a fairly new medium: bronze clay. In this material, minute particles of bronze are mixed with organic material to form a clay which can be shaped into anything, the only limit being your imagination. Firing the clay in a kiln burns off the organic material leaving a beautiful, hard piece."


Posted on May 9, 2014 .