Portrait of an Artisan: Chibi Seimei Inc.

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Chibi Seimei Inc. creates artisan Steampunk and Victorian vintage inspired jewellery and accessories from upcycled vintage watch parts, charms, japanese washi paper or artisan marblled paper background encased in jewelry grade resin. As well as handcrafted pieces in PMC and base metal clay as focal accents in vintage and casual wear creations.


1.       Where did your love for designing jewellery come from?
Kathryn:  I started in papercrafting with japanese washi and origami, before I had my jewellery line. Although, I still create all-occasion cards using japanese washi quilting and other papercrafts, it’s actually the versatility of japanese washi that drew me further into jewellery making and designing.


Posted on May 29, 2014 .