Portrait of an Artisan ~ Bill Hornbostel

About Bill:

Bill Hornbostel is a photographer of landscapes, nature, and architecture based in Port Hope, Ontario. He arrived at photography through a roundabout route. While he had some familiarity with the camera as a young student, when he studied art as an undergraduate he focused on oil painting. Shifting interests, however, led him to switch to the study of history.

He did not abandon artistic expression over the course of later academic studies and subsequent careers as an editor and a teacher, however, though he shifted from oil painting to photography over time.

While trying to sort out the wreckage of a PhD program in ancient history he began to teach himself more advanced photography; the question "How do I do this?" was the opening for his descent down the rabbit hole of fine art photography. Early artistic studies still influence Bill's photography.

The study of Romantic-era painters still influences his choice of landscape subjects, and he continues to explore the photographic equivalent of the Impressionist movement, long exposure photography.

Posted on May 29, 2014 .