Portrait of an Artisan ~ Alphacritters

You'll find just about any name you can think of crafted into Linda's one-of-a-kind artwork displayed at the upcoming Artfest Kingston show and if she doesn't have it or you aren't fancy about the design, you can custom order your very own creation!!

About Alphacritters:

"Alphacritters" is a whimsical alphabet based on  original hand-drawn artwork by Karen Hawley.  The "critters" originated from an idea that she had as a kid.  Back then, she did "name pictures" for friends and family alike and was surprised to discover that her  cousin, after many years, still had hers hanging in her room!  Through her Mom's encouragement especially,,"Alphacritters" and the business partnership were born!

Visit Karen's website to view more of her amazing artwork - http://alphacritters.com/.

Posted on May 29, 2014 .