Gourmet Peppermaster Delectables at Kingston

Cooking with the Peppermaster has never been so delish!! 

Greg Brooks our Peppermaster, grew up in the semi-tropical jungles and reefs of the islands near New Providence, in the Bahamas. Hunting for the elusive wild red pineapple, avoiding poisonous insects, and spear-fishing for dinner gave him a taste for the wild and the need for intensity that have culminated in his Peppermaster brand products.

Growing up watching the goats sniff out peppers on the bush before selecting and eating only the fullest, ripest and hottest ones gave him an appreciation for quality and selection. Following the goats’ lead gave Greg the ability to enjoy extreme heat while still experiencing the flavour of the fruit and other background elements, a talent much required in the making of controlled heat sauces.


Posted on May 29, 2014 .