Portrait of an Artisan~ Logan's Stone Forge & Ironworks

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In Colin's Words...

Growing up on a small farm in Norfolk County wasn't without it's difficulties. Equipment would need repair, time was of the essence and money was tight. So we had to improvise. As a young boy, I would spend much of my time along side my dad, as he repaired and fabricated machinery from old pieces of scrap steel.

Always amazed at his innovation (a truly talented man). I learned to look at things, not as they were, but what they could be. We would spend our summer vacation "up north" near Parry Sound, in an old schoolhouse on Lake Manitouwabing. I still take my family there today. I love the north. Or the bush ( as my Grandfather would call it). You can tromp through the bush and not see a thing. B

ut stand still and quiet for a few moments. A whole new world comes alive! That is what I try to portray in my artwork. That moment when you say " Wait a second, that stone isn't a stone, it's a turtle!!). In my nearly 20 years creating artwork, I am still delighted to see someone's face when they first encounter one of my sculptures. The way they turn their head, mimicking one of my creations, the smile on their face. Delightful! You can find my work at many of the most renowned art festivals in Ontario.

I hope you enjoy!

- Colin Logan
Posted on May 2, 2014 .