Portrait of an Artisan ~ Steven Woodruff

100% Made in Canada!

Steven's Words:

I consider artistic expression a revealing aspect of human thought, a form of continuity, as if at will, it can inspire all people to think creatively, critically or spiritually. Now, with that in mind I consider glass to be attuned to the expressions given within versatile forms, functionality, colour, light, texture and endless other qualities.

These qualities can describe an emotion, a narrative or ultimately can serve a purpose which can be reflective of the artist and of their interests. Art within glass can be the vessel to get the message across. My approach to making glass is to embrace the traditional techniques of glassblowing and other glass disciplines to create original objects inspired by the history of the media itself and of artistic theory. Glassblowing has taught me fundamental processes in creating objects of functionality, sculpture, art, and of fine craftsmanship.




Posted on April 30, 2014 .