Portrait of an Artisan~CRE8CURE

CRE8CURE is a Canadian based clothing company with their roots grounded in the city of Toronto.

They are all about utilizing art and design as a universal message to cultivate overall positivity. They believe in spreading messages of awareness,inspiration,motivation and overall creativity through their art and designs.

JJ's words:

"As artists, CRE8CURE supports the idea that it is our responsibility to use our art for the upliftment of people. Each and every design is created with the intention and spirit of the artist. Our clothing can be seen as a billboard to share these messages."



CRE8CURE is a metaphor for creativity and how it can be utilized to promote positive change to create a cure; all about designs by humans for humans.

Their main initiative is to bring their unique clothing to the masses to give them a means of expression; in turn, breaking free of the norm to promote individuality in each and every person.

CRE8CURE is responsible for every aspect of creation of their apparel, from designing, to the screen printing process, CRE8CUE, ensures an overall quality to meet your standards and needs!

Visit their site to view more of their handcrafted work: http://cre8cure.com/.

Posted on April 25, 2014 .