Portrait of an Artisan~Akart

Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Fine Art Show Aug 30-September 2

Alexander Kastulin is internationally recognized as a ceramicist, sculptor and teacher.  His art work includes functional ceramics, pottery, sculptures and wall reliefs.  His main technique is to hand build ceramic from slaps of clay covered with a unique way of glaze painting. Every art piece is unique and individual.

Artist Statement:

Since the age of twenty, I have been a visual and decorative artist, dedicated to the creation of ceramic sculpture and pottery. My creative activity ranges from design to intuitive art. The root for my artistic style is based upon my studies of North American, European and Japanese ancient traditions and cultures.

My personal beliefs in these cultures inspire and fulfill my creative stream. My goal is to extend the existing collection of my work; a way of connecting a universal appreciation and understanding of the beauty of these cultures and traditions.

Posted on August 1, 2013 .