Portrait of an Artisan~Eric Ezza-Pendants & Jewelry Boxes

Eric's Bio:

Eric started his career as a graphic designer with a particular affinity for wood and woodworking.  His first project began when he crafted his own bed with wood and this led to the successful series of various projects creating beautiful hand-crafted, personalized pieces of furniture for clients.

Due to Eric's keen eye for detail and interest in carved, accented furniture, Eric created some exceptional pieces that generated even more clients.  Not wanting to be restricted to furniture making, he unwittingly diversified by crafting a family totem in the form of a pendant.  Upon wearing the pendant, Eric met with an overwhelmingly favourable response and created yet another client base.

Feeling the need to add to the natural beauty of wood, Eric began bead-working to achieve a perfect balance of symmetry and craftsmanship.  Eric's pendants are intricate and detailed carvings set with semi-precious stones or hand painted original one of a kind pieces. 


Posted on July 9, 2013 .