Threshing Designs

Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Fine Art Show Aug 30-September 2

Owner and founder of Threshing Designs, Meagan Gartlan, is a graduate of Concordia University's Fine Arts program in Montreal, Quebec.  Her background is mainly focused in photography, printmaking, drawing, and painting.  Meagan has planted trees in remote areas of Canada for the past 10 years which is where much of the inspiration and motivation for her textile collection has stemmed from.  

Meagan uses both digital and analogue camera's to capture the images she uses in her work.  Using a large scale printer, Meagan then digitally prints the images onto 100% cotton.  Using images of the outdoors - moss, rock, lichen & trees - she prints these images on 100% cotton to be sewn into throw cushions, curtains and tote bags. 

Posted on July 29, 2013 .