Portrait of a Photographer~Sandra MacGillvray

Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Fine Art Show Aug 30-September 2

Sandra's Words:

I try not to be trapped by living with the results of other peoples thinking.

By not letting the noise of other’s opinions drown out my inner voice, I am able to have the courage to
follow my heart and listen to my intuition. Some how, my inner voice knows what the painting wants to
become and brings it to life. Otherwise, it is merely paint on canvas.

Recently I decided to pursue my life long passion for fine art and portraiture. I have become keenly interested in how different cultures adorn women with colour and textures to enhance their natural beauty. I work in acrylic striving to reach a balance of detail, colour and emotion; I am enjoying my journey of discovery in art and culture and hope to inspire and stimulate others through my work.

Posted on July 29, 2013 .