Portrait of an Artisan~Tib Design

About Tib Design

"We are Tania & Bronek Kochanski, partners in a designing and manufacturing studio established in 1978 in Montreal, Quebec. We are both European, and established our studio primarily on the strength of Tania's extensive educational and teaching background in fine arts and design. Our goal is to create collections of modern yet practical garments and accessories for women that bring out our customers' femininity and sophistication.

A key aspect of our design process is the constant search for new fabrics. In fact, most of the fabrics we use are custom-made in Europe for Tib Design. With advanced technologies in weaving, knitting and dying fabrics, new man-made materials have been combined with traditional fibers to yield fantastic final results.

Running our studio requires the cooperation of a great many people. We are only satisfied with our efforts if they result in your satisfaction as the final judge of our product. As they say, "You are only as good as your last collection!"

Selected garments are available for purchase at "L'emprient" boutique, a cooperative established over 30 years ago in Old Montreal, as well as over 120 other boutiques across Canada and the U.S. We also offer our clothing for sale trade shows, such as the "One-of-a-Kind Show" held in Toronto, Canada twice a year. In these "modern times", we now offer our old and new clients ongoing access to our garments through this on-line store."


Posted on July 26, 2013 .