Portrait of an Artisan~ Upcycled Spirits


Artfest Toronto Aug 3-5 Booth # D28

With all the “good times” that drinking creates, it’s a shame that such a tangible and attractive part of these memories – the bottles – are smashed, discarded, or even recycled. Our team of "Eco-holics" handcraft and upcycle these empty bottles into exquisite glassware that create an even greater feeling of excellence for everyone.
What we do: With a strong passion for excellence, great experiences, and respecting our planet, our team of Eco-holics look to "make waste useful" and offer stunning (yet functional) artistic products. 
Why we do it: We know everyone is very busy these days, so we look to offer products that people will truly appreciate, help them enjoy precious moments, and will let them more easily contribute to a greener future.
Posted on July 25, 2013 .