Portrait of an Artist~Peter Owen Goodale Fine Art

Peter's Words:

There was always such a huge pull for me to express what I was feeling, and seeing nature with brush and paint to canvas.  The mountains, clouds, ocean, reefs, the marine life and the collective thread of energy between them all, inspired me to paint what I saw and how I saw it.

My feelings and emotions are expressed through the colours I use.  Bright, glowing, electric blues, purples, brilliant sunset oranges and inky black, starry skies.  Combining the rich colour palet of my realism works with the natural fluid movements of my acrylic pours captures the power, beauty and freedom of nature.

Applying techniques I have taught myself over the past 20 years as an artist, I have expanded into expressing natures energy into a jewellery line of rings, pendants and orbs - all uniquely original and one of a kind.


Posted on July 11, 2013 .