Portrait of an Artist~Debi Baker

Debi Baker paints using acrylics primarily on a gallery-style canvas focusing on land/seascapes.  She is an observer, dreamer, idealist, poet and an artist who loves as she lives with passion and without fear.  When Debi paints she is completely humbled by the entire process.

Her process begins with a piece and vision and/or photograph which captivates her by its subject or by an incredible splash of colour.  Debi then begins with a blank canvas, acrylics and a number of different sized brushes and her palette knife.

Her next step is to turn up some of your favourite tunes, grab her brush, take a deep breath and climb aboard the imagination train.

Debi works mainly in acrylics; however, she has begun to experiment with other mediums such as watercolour and pastels. 


Posted on July 11, 2013 .