Portrait of an Artisan~Muriel Duval

In Muriel's Words:

Born in Mons, Belgium, my journey brought me to flirt with the arts domain all throughout my life and it has continued with my country change.  A lot of immigrants could tell you that changing a country opens roads that you would never have imagined or dared to explore.  I've always been passionated by artistic occupations. I, for that matter, studied in theatre interpretation at Mons conservatory.  However, I've always felt the need to express my artistics feelings manually.  Drafting and painting kept me occupied.... only for a small amout of time.  I couldn't find the artistic way that would permit me to bring my personal touch and would have me develop my artistic style.

I'd fallen into beading by chance when a friend taught me the base techniques of stringing glass beads and copper wire twisting.  What started as a hobby quickly turned into a strong passion.  During every minute of free time that I had ( and I worked a lot to create these moments of free time!), I was creating plenty of new pieces of jewelry, researching new concepts and looking into new materials and different shapes.  In fact, I had found my medium but now my style.

Posted on July 11, 2013 .