Portrait of an Artisan~Chibi Seimei Inc.

Chibi Seimei Inc. creates inspired artisan jewellery and accessories with an exclusive style that often incorporates various materials and is a marriage of influences and inspirations. 

After a number of shows and repeat customers, Kathryn Belzunce's Stempunk/Industrial inspired line has proven to be the most popular.

Kathryn B. is the Artist/Designer for Chibi Seimei Inc., and she's often asked where she gets her inspiration for her jewellery designs. Well, wonder no more as she answers that often-asked question and more...

1.       Where did your love for designing jewellery come from?
Kathryn:  I started in papercrafting with japanese washi and origami, before I had my jewellery line. Although, I still create all-occasion cards using japanese washi quilting and other papercrafts, it's actually the versatility of japanese washi that drew me further into jewellery making and designing.


Posted on July 11, 2013 .