Portrait of an Artisan ~ Chibi Seimei

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Chibi Seimei Inc. creates artisan Steampunk and Victorian vintage inspired jewellery and accessories from upcycled vintage watch parts, charms, japanese washi paper or artisan marblled paper background encased in jewelry grade resin.

In Kathryn's words....

I'm inspired by the evolution of technology down the ages, and drawn particularly by the Industrial revolution of the Steam age of the Victorian era. As well, my interest in innovative art movements lead by the Spanish painter Picasso, Braque, Kandinsky and Klimt have also influenced me as a jewellery designer. I use vintage watch parts in conjuction with artisan paper such as Nepalese, Japanese washi, or marbled paper, with various charms or findings and Cubic Zirconia accents, finally encasing them in jewelry-grade resin. 

My work is also strongly inspired by Steampunk with it's anachronism of technology and the spontaneous modded look of the artisan jewellery pieces. My pieces are one of a kind in that they are dictated by availability of material and where the imagination may take me as the creative process occurs. I hope that you enjoy viewing my pieces, and perhaps enjoy owning them as well as I had great joy in creating them.

 ~ Kathryn Belzunce, Artist & Designer of Chibi Seimei Inc.

Posted on June 3, 2013 .