Potrait of a Photographer~HGB Design

Biography of Hans Backer:

Hans Backer has worked in the photo industry for 35 years and it's been a passion of his since the day he purchased his first camera in 1966.  Over the years, Hans has been a guest speaker at several cameral clubs across Canada sharing both his knowledge of products and passion for photography.

Hans is inspired by nature's endless beauty, most especially, flowers and landscapes.  He has an eye for seeing everyday things in a unique perspective, eliciting a sense of peace and harmony in the world around him. 

Hans has travelled throughout Canada, the United States and most recently, Paris and the Netherlands and his photographs capture a wide range of subjects that interest him. Hans uses his camera to capture a moment in time that will last forever and is a true artist who paints with his camera.

Posted on June 24, 2013 .