Potrait of an Artist~Barbara Simard

About Fabric Art:

Fabric art is a unique technique of fabric layering resulting in the creation of scenes and abstracts many pieces of fabric being assembled using scissors, glue and small implements - truly hand-crafted!

Many original art scenes contain hundreds of pieces of material representing natural settings, landscapes, flowers and birds.  Original fabric art scenes are often painted with a water-based sealer, allowing the viewer to appreciate the texture and effect of layering without glass covering. 

Barbara's words:

"Fabric art is like doing a puzzle – only I’m creating the puzzle out of material that I have chosen to suit the scene I’m working on.  Using scissors, tweezers, toothpicks and non-toxic glue, I assemble the scene.  Some scenes have hundreds of pieces of fabric by the time I’m finished. I have recently started painting my fabric art scenes with a water-based sealer allowing me to frame the scenes without a glass covering. People ask me how long it takes to complete a scene and I have no idea – it’s just something I love to do!"


Posted on June 23, 2013 .