Potrait of an Artisan~Tom Lillico & Mary Moore

Cedar Lane Studio came to be in 1990, on moving to Tom Lillico and Mary Moore's rural property.  The landscape inspires the work of Tom and Mary as well as the rustic cedar furniture crafted from trees in the woodland. 

Each piece of furniture is unique - with pieces gleaned from the woods for their shape and potential.  Tom maintains as much of the original shape and curve in the wood as possible.  His paintings, crafted in a soft, impressionist stype, are painted plein air and sometime completed in their studio.  They reflect both their local landscape and their travels.

Mary expresses a more eclectic choice of media, inspired by her teaching, her music (Mary is a jazz vocalist) and her travels.  Her work is a lively interpretation of her interests.

Posted on June 23, 2013 .