Portrait of an Artist~The Silver Strumpet

Marnie Astley's words:

I am a silversmith/metalsmith artist.  My passion lies in tradition - using traditional tools such as the jewellers saw, forging hammers, stakes and anvils, pitch bowl using repousse/chasing techniques as well as my trusty acetylene gas torches to fabricate my pieces. 

I don't use plasma cutters, laser cutters or any of the modern tools used to make 'cookie cutter' style work.  Each piece is individual and all hand-made from my fasteners and clasps on the jewellery to all components of the hand raised bowls, etched designs and bangles.  I work in sterling and fine silver, copper and a bit of brass.  I try to recycle as much metal and use non-toxic chemicals as I can for a green enviro-friendly product.

I do the flame-worked glass for my pieces, as well as the pottery focal beads and some of the gemstone cutting as well.  Gemstones are all Canadian stones and most are local to the area.

Posted on June 21, 2013 .