Portrait of an Artisan~Kismet Clay Designs

Jayne Ayre uses mixed media to create fantasy clay characters and medieval style goblets.

Artis Profile:

Welcome to my world of fantasy and oddness.  My characters and creatures live among the roots in the forest, hallows, along streams and under rocks in the Glens of Burnie.

I originally find them in a block of clay - and that's what excites me the most.  I never know who is living in there until I start to smoosh the clay around and they start to reveal themselves.  My sculptures talk to me as I am creating them, letting me know just what I need to bring them to life.  Natural things that I find in forests, my garden or along seashores like shells, bark, moss and roots all lend to creating each characters personality.  It's always such a wonderful surprise for me to see who arrives!

My next love is designing my own medieval style goblets.  I sculpt clay onto hand painted goblets and chalices and then a patina is applied to them so they have the look of metal.  Each goblet is embellished with glass drops, crystals or pearls.

I think everyone should have their own special wine glass to sip their favourite beverage from.  It adds a personal touch when your glass has the colour, shape and style that you really like.  These medieval creations manifest a feeling of royalty, and isn't that what you deserve at the end of a long week?


Posted on June 21, 2013 .