Potrait of an Artisan~Alice Smith

Artist Alice Smith creates beautiful mosaic art pieces which include an intriguing collection of sun catchers, stain glass and glass on glass.  Alice creates these unique images by assembling small pieces of coloured glass, stone, shell pieces or other materials.

Mocaic art involves fitting small pieces of material together in intriquite patterns that are representational or abstract.  This art dates as far back as the eighth century BC, when the Greeks made designs with pebbles. The skill required to create these stunning art pieces is quite apparent in Alice's work and her hand-made jewelry also refects her ability to create one of a kind art pieces!

Returning to a lost art and tradition of crochet, Angela Dawson combines her love of children's toys with her passion for crocheting and produces natural, safe, hand-made toys and teething blankets for children of all ages.

Artfest Kingston~Booth# Y5

Posted on June 20, 2013 .