Portrait of an Artist~Tamsin Art

Tamsin Art Booth D17

Artisans at the Distillery Summer Show

Aug 4-6 2012 11am-6pm Daily

I am an A.O.C.A. Graduate. I have been a professional artist for more that 20 years, specializing in the
creation of large scale art. I am noted for my innovative painting techniques and the ability to interpret
and transform concepts and images, developing textures and a photo-realistic style.
My photorealism has been sold to private and corporate buyers in Toronto.
For two decades I have worked with renowned artist Frank Stella, realizing his visions.
This work is on display internationally.
I have always known the arts would be an important part of my life.
It has influenced the way I look at everyday objects and organize my thoughts and surroundings
It has also been a method to interpret what I see around me as well as communicate my visions.
More recently I have made the decision to combine my painting and formal technical skills using them to
create designs for prints and cards. These works are sold privately as well as listed shows in Canada and
The United States.

Posted on May 12, 2013 .