Portrait of an Artisan~ Corilu Designs

Metal art in jewelry making is an expression of my love for Sculptural and Graphic Arts. Having worked as a Graphic Artist for 10 years before turning to Metal Arts, I believe heavily influences many of my designs. I love being able to take a hard piece of sterling silver, heating it with a torch and forming it into a "sculptural element." Most of my pieces are created from sterling silver, and have recently introduced copper and brass into my designs. I love the contrast and warmth of mixing the metals. My inspiration for my designs is all around me. Since I am a very visual person, I find patterns and ideas from every angle. Whether it comes from naturally occurring patterns in nature or from a particular design in an architectural building. I also love just playing around with the metal and letting "it" decide which direction to take. Metalsmithing has become very fulfilling for my need for creative expression and I hope to be creating unique and one of a kind pieces of jewelry for a very long time.

Exhibiting at Artfest Toronto at the Distillery

May 18-20 Victoria Day weekend Weekend

Daily 11am-6pm

Outdoors FREE Admission

Posted on May 12, 2013 .