Portrait of an Artist~Peter Owen Goodale Fine Art

Peter Owen Goodale Booth B7

May 18-20 2013


Is it possible for the colours of the soul to be seen in paint applied to canvas? Is it possible to feel the trade winds off the ocean or smell the fragrance of a tropical night all from viewing a painting? The art of Peter Owen Goodale sparks these sensations and emotions in people when they view his captivating work. Peter is an artist who paints with vibrant colours that carry you to these distant shores of mood-drenched images or “places without postcards” – serene moonlit islands where rolling waves break like liquid dreams in a barefoot paradise.

“While living and surfing in Hawaii there was such a huge pull for me to express what I was feeling and seeing. The mountains, clouds, ocean, reefs, the marine life and the collective thread of energy between them all, inspired me to paint what I saw and how I saw it. My feelings and emotions are expressed through the colours I use. Bright, glowing, electric blues, purples, brilliant sunset oranges and inky black, starry skies. Combining the rich colour palet of my realism works with the natural fluid movements of my acrylic pours captures the power, beauty and freedom of nature.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating them. When I paint I drift away, everything recedes to the background and I am right there on that empty beach, that perfect left hand point break, on my journey with the trade winds blowing and the sun on my face.”

Take a moment and drift with your memories, let Peter’s creations take you to your “Hawaiian Dream” or delve deep into his Fluid Pour colour-scapes..

Peter’s work is collected and admired in Hawaii, the Continental US, Canada and, internationally. Peter’s images capture the imagination and free the soul.


Posted on May 11, 2013 .