Rosemarie Armstrong

Artist’s Biography
Rosemarie Armstrong was born in Southampton, Ontario in 1956. She began to sketch and paint at an
early age, inspired by her mother Helga Krehan-Schuetz, who emigrated to Canada in 1953 from
Czechslovakia where Helga was trained as an artist and fabric designer. She encouraged her daughter
Rosemarie to participate in various workshops and courses including drawing and sculpture. From the
age of fifteen, Rosemarie continued to develop her artistic skills, also pursuing a career in education.
While raising her son and daughter, she encouraged them to explore the basics of drawing and painting,
music and performance. Rosemarie believes in life-long learning and has studied with Derek White,
Peter Kolisnyk and Xiang Ming Zeng. A teacher in every sense, she mentors emerging and mid career
artists to pursue their passion while also teaching them how to market their talent.
As the daughter of a fine artist and a father who painted homes and industries, Rosemarie has acquired
an intuitive sense of colour, form and composition. Throughout her life, and particularly since her
retirement from administration in education, she has applied her artistic and leadership skills to the
creation and communication of art.
Rosemarie works primarily with acrylic and oil paints using a layering technique that knows no brush
strokes in the initial phase of a painting. Her objective is to translate the movement, light and emotion
of a landscape or subject onto the canvas, then to detail the primary effect with acrylic and/or oil paint,
defining selected properties and elements. The overall effect is a composition that excites or calms
the senses.
Currently, Rosemarie is exploring historic and traditional subject matter which formed the foundation of
our rural Ontario communities. This series, the “Jewels of Rural Ontario”, leads her to hidden treasures
on our back roads, lakes and rivers where she works plein-air or completes sketches and small paintings
to be developed on larger canvases in her studio.
Her premise is that a painting needs to reflect our sense of community, our sense of belonging to a
larger world, what has come before us and what is still a part of us. Though primarily a painter of
realism, her completed paintings often lean toward impressionism, exuding a sense of mystery and
timelessness, and are executed with passion, colour and light. The world around us inspires and
prompts the creative talent; we are to translate what we see in a way which speaks to the audience.
You will find Rosemarie working at her studio - gallery in Amaranth Township, at 475144 County
Road 11, a few minutes south of Shelburne, Ontario - The RA Art Gallery & Custom Framing.

Posted on August 9, 2012 .