Exhibiting at Artfest Toronto Aug 31- Sept 3 2012

At the Historic Distillery District

Stories are the thread that weaves through my work. In each piece I tell the story of the wood as well as the stories of my people. Though I also work in other mediums (textiles and jewelry) the carving process is what thrills and sustains me the most.There is a spiritual element in wood; it contains the history of its life as a tree and the life that grew around it. I love to manipulate the grain and the layers to reveal this story as I carve.Chipping away at a log to expose the object inside it is an exhilarating and inspiring process. I continue to explore the wood’s past through the plant and clay dyes I create to add colour to the piece.
This year I am excited to share my work with new audiences, and to explore new directions. I have recently started to make several large furniture style pieces and this new direction is exhilarating me.

Posted on August 9, 2012 .