Portrait of an Artist~ Robert Bishop


Robert Bishop Booth D23

Robert Bishop was born in Detroit Michigan, and moved to Canada at the age of 4. He has lived in the Windsor, Ontario area ever since. As a child, he loved to draw. His childhood teachers described him as a doodler and daydreamer. At the age of 26, thoughts of becoming an artist emerged while working with children as a Child and Youth Counselor. Robert would sit and draw with the children tirelessly. He fell in love with art all over again. This naturally gifted artist spent several years exploring and perfecting his own techniques, and started pursuing his art career full-time in 1991.

     Today, Robert Bishop is a wildlife artist and more.....Using a self-taught dry-brush technique with acrylic paint, he specializes in realistic portrayals of wildlife, nature scenes and pets. His realism is inviting, peaceful, captivating and powerful. It depicts his appreciation for the magnificence and beauty God has instilled in living things. “My art is all about love. It is an expression of the love I have for nature, but more importantly, an expression of the love and gratitude for the one who made it.” With so much to say in his work, he now writes inspirational short stories to go along with many of his paintings.

With many stories to tell, Robert has embarked on a journey of self-expression. Together with his family, and God as his source of strength, Robert operates his business Bishop’s Artwork Wonders. His work is available at approximately 25 Fine Arts and Craft Shows yearly across Ontario, and at his home studio, where he also teaches private art lessons and the custom framing of his artwork is done. In the Windsor area, Robert’s work can be seen at Windsor’s Art in the Park shows.

Posted on August 8, 2012 .