Portrait of an Artist~ Deb Baker

Deb Baker Booth 22

Artfest Toronto Labour Day Weekend at the Historic Distillery District

"I am an observer, a dreamer, an idealist, a poet and an artist who loves as I live with passion and without fear. When I paint I am completely humbled by the process. I begin a piece with a vision and/or photograph which has captivated me either by its subject or by an incredible splash of colour. I start with a blank canvas, the required acrylics on my palette, a number of different size brushes and my palette knife. The next step is to turn up some of my favourite music, grab my brush, take a deep breath and climb aboard the imagination train. I find painting an emotional outlet, a private oasis from reality. I work in acrylics due to their vibrant nature both in terms of colour and texture. It dries quickly forcing you to do the same resulting in some dramatic results. I feel a tremendous sense of freedom when I paint, I feel alive and I hope this translates itself to the canvas."

Posted on August 8, 2012 .